The People of California Got a Veto of the Last ALEC-Written Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Bill in 2017: CA SB.649

In the words of Yogi Berra, “Is this Déjà Vu all over again?” The people of CA secured a veto of an earlier version of SB.556/AB.537/SB.678 back in 2017 — SB.649 California’s Misguided Streamline so-called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs) Bill. This is what we learned back in 2017-2018:

From the League of California Cities:

While over 300 cities opposed SB.649 (Hueso), the Governor vetoed the bill stating: “I believe that the interest which localities have in managing rights of way requires a more balanced solution than the one achieved in this bill.”

So, Why Are Our CA Legislators Wasting Everyone’s Time and the Taxpayer’s Money to Attempt This Same Corrupt Industry Heist All Over Again? . . . Follow the $$$ Money $$$!

The best plan for localities is BIG DATA via Fiber Optics & only calls/texts via Wireless because . . .

Wired Broadband (via FTTP) is faster, more reliable, more secure and more affordable than Wireless Broadband.

View the following video from Sen. Bill Dodd’s Home Town of Napa, CA on Aug 22, 2018 —
re: the Severe Energy-Inefficiency of Wireless Broadband