CA Assembly Appropriations


Measure Author. Summary

  1. A.B.No. 559 Arambula. San Joaquin River Conservancy: governing board.
  2. A.B.No. 988 Bauer-Kahan. Mental health: mobile crisis support teams: 988 crisis hotline. (Urgency)
  3. A.B.No. 661 Bennett. Recycling: materials.
  4. A.B.No. 37 Berman. Elections: vote by mail ballots.
  5. A.B.No. 796 Berman. Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Program.
  6. A.B.No. 1495 Berman. Vacancy elections: United States Senate.
  7. A.B.No. 631 Bloom. Alcoholic beverage control: licenses: nonprofit cultural film exhibition companies.
  8. A.B.No. 721 Bloom. Covenants and restrictions: affordable housing.
  9. A.B.No. 1126 Bloom. Commission on the State of Hate.
  10. A.B.No. 1255 Bloom. Fire prevention: fire risk reduction guidance: local assistance grants.
  11. A.B.No. 1298 Bloom. Pesticides: use of 2nd generation anticoagulant rodenticides.
  12. A.B.No. 1398 Bloom. Planning and zoning: housing element: rezoning of sites: prohousing local policies.
  13. A.B.No. 1390 Boerner Horvath.State lands: school and lieu lands.
  14. A.B.No. 1358 Bonta. Demographics: ancestry and ethnic origin.
  15. A.B.No. 1407 Burke. Nurses: implicit bias courses.
  16. A.B.No. 1276 Carrillo. Single-use food accessories and serviceware.
  17. A.B.No. 1362 Carrillo. Secretary of Food and Agriculture: cooperative agreements: agricultural inspector services.
  18. A.B.No. 1477 Cervantes. Maternal mental health.
  19. A.B.No. 525 Chiu. Energy: offshore wind generation.
  20. A.B.No. 550 Chiu. Vehicles: Speed Safety System Pilot Program.
  21. A.B.No. 915 Chiu. Small and disadvantaged business enterprises.
  22. A.B.No. 934 Cooley. Public buildings: shelter in place: guidelines.
  23. A.B.No. 579 Flora. Fire prevention: purchases of personal protective equipment: Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
  24. A.B.No. 1221 Flora. Consumer warranties: service contracts: cancellation: disclosures.
  25. A.B.No. 2 Fong. Regulations: legislative review: regulatory reform.
  26. A.B.No. 1064 Fong. Pharmacy practice: vaccines: independent initiation and administration.
  27. A.B.No. 979 Frazier. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: projects: sea level rise analysis report.
  28. A.B.No. 981 Frazier. Forestry: California Fire Safe Council.
  29. A.B.No. 1150 Frazier. Charity racing days: distribution of proceeds.
  30. A.B.No. 1431 Frazier. Forestry: forest carbon and resilience goals.
  31. A.B.No. 1147 Friedman. Regional transportation plan: Active Transportation Program.
  32. A.B.No. 1401 Friedman. Residential and commercial development: parking requirements.
  33. A.B.No. 1434 Friedman. Urban water use objectives: indoor residential water use.
  34. A.B.No. 1556 Friedman. Ticket sellers.
  35. A.B.No. 36 Gallagher. Design-build contracting: Town of Paradise
  36. A.B.No. 850 Gallagher. City property: sale of water utility property.
  37. A.B.No. 778 Eduardo Garcia. Institutional purchasers: purchase of California-grown agricultural food products.
  38. A.B.No. 1195 Cristina Garcia. Drinking water.
  39. A.B.No. 1500 Eduardo Garcia. Safe Drinking Water, Wildfire Prevention, Drought Preparation, Flood Protection, Extreme Heat Mitigation, and Workforce Development Bond Act of 2022. (Urgency)
  40. A.B.No. 257 Lorena Gonzalez. Food facilities and employment.
  41. A.B.No. 701 Lorena Gonzalez. Warehouse distribution centers.
  42. A.B.No. 1139 Lorena Gonzalez. Net energy metering.
  43. A.B.No. 1319 Lorena Gonzalez. The Cooperative Economy Act.
  44. A.B.No. 753 Grayson. Barry Keene Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Trust Fund Act of 1989: brownfields remediation and redevelopment.
  45. A.B.No. 1037 Grayson. Infrastructure construction: digital construction management technologies.
  46. A.B.No. 1135 Grayson. State of California Housing Allocation Act.
  47. A.B.No. 1429 Holden. State agency records: management coordinator duties: personnel training.
  48. A.B.No. 519 Irwin. Honey: labeling requirements.
  49. A.B.No. 1275 Jones-Sawyer. Alcoholic beverage control: minors.
  50. A.B.No. 416 Kalra. California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act: public works projects: wood and wood products.
  51. A.B.No. 369 Kamlager. Medi-Cal services: persons experiencing homelessness.
  52. A.B.No. 339 Lee. Local government: open and public meetings.
  53. A.B.No. 888 Levine. Mobile slaughter operations: sheep, goats, and swine.
  54. A.B.No. 1194 Low. Conservatorship.
  55. A.B.No. 1388 Low. COVID-19: death data.
  56. A.B.No. 459 Mathis. Vehicles: registration fees: exceptions.
  57. A.B.No. 754 Mathis. Sustainable groundwater management: groundwater sustainability plan.
  58. A.B.No. 926 Mathis. Fire prevention: local assistance grant program: projects: report.
  59. A.B.No. 446 Mayes. Elections: political party qualifications.
  60. A.B.No. 571 Mayes. Planning and zoning: density bonuses: affordable housing.
  61. A.B.No. 1190 Mayes. Parks and recreation: County of San Bernardino: Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.
  62. A.B.No. 759 McCarty. Elections: county officers.
  63. A.B.No. 777 McCarty. State property: transfer: housing
  64. A.B.No. 728 Mullin. Elections: county voter information guides.
  65. A.B.No. 1137 Mullin. Elections: voter registration agencies.
  66. A.B.No. 1279 Muratsuchi. Coastal resources: sustainable kelp.
  67. A.B.No. 1395 Muratsuchi. Greenhouse gases: carbon neutrality.
  68. A.B.No. 523 Nazarian. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.
  69. A.B.No. 758 Nazarian. Marks-Roos Local Bond Pooling Act of 1985: electric utilities: rate reduction bonds.
  70. A.B.No. 1172 O’Donnell. Escrow agents: asset and accounting requirements.
  71. A.B.No. 1316 O’Donnell. School accountability: financial and performance audits: charter schools: contracts.
  72. A.J.R.No. 7 Patterson. State veterans cemeteries: Hmong veterans.
  73. A.B.No. 540 Petrie-Norris. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.
  74. A.B.No. 537 Quirk. Communications: wireless telecommunications and broadband facilities.
  75. A.B.No. 545 Quirk. University of California: major tax expenditures: research.
  76. A.B.No. 1302 Quirk. Commercial cannabis billboards: placement restrictions.
  77. A.B.No. 1428 Quirk. Safe Drinking Water Act: applicability.
  78. A.B.No. 362 Quirk-Silva. Homeless shelters: safety regulations.
  79. A.B.No. 865 Quirk-Silva. Childcare services: alternative payment programs: direct deposits: reserve funds.
  80. A.B.No. 923 Ramos. Government-to-Government Consultation Act: state-tribal consultation.
  81. A.B.No. 1183 Ramos. California Desert Conservation Program.
  82. A.B.No. 412 Reyes. California Commission on Human Rights.
  83. A.B.No. 377 Robert Rivas. Water quality: impaired waters.
  84. A.B.No. 568 Robert Rivas. Early learning and care.
  85. A.B.No. 984 Luz Rivas. Vehicle identification and registration: alternative devices.
  86. A.B.No. 1110 Robert Rivas. Zero-emission vehicles: Office of the California Clean Fleet Accelerator: Climate Catalyst Revolving Loan Fund Program.
  87. A.B.No. 822 Rodriguez.Medi-Cal: psychiatric emergency medical conditions.
  88. A.B.No. 879 Blanca Rubio. Personal income tax: corporation tax: sales and use taxes: California Tax Amnesty and Revenue Recovery Act.
  89. A.B.No. 1361 Blanca Rubio. Childcare and developmental services: preschool: expulsion and suspension: mental health services: reimbursement rates.
  90. A.B.No. 383 Salas. Mental health: older adults.
  91. A.B.No. 699 Salas. Public Utilities Commission: large electrical corporations: Flexible Demand Appliance Rebate Program.
  92. A.B.No. 1155 Salas. Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund.
  93. A.B.No. 1503 Santiago. Digital driver’s licenses and identification cards.
  94. A.B.No. 478 Ting. Solid waste: thermoform plastic containers: postconsumer recycled plastic.
  95. A.B.No. 1238 Ting. Pedestrian access.
  96. A.B.No. 875 Wood. Medi-Cal: demonstration project.
  97. A.B.No. 942 Wood. Specialty mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.
  98. A.B.No. 1132 Wood. Medi-Cal.
  99. A.B.No. 1311 Wood. Recycling: beverage containers.
  100. A.B.No. 719 Committee on Agriculture.Bees.
  101. A.B.No. 1532 Committee on Business and Professions. Nursing.
  102. A.B.No. 1534 Committee on Business and Professions. Optometry: mobile optometric clinics: regulations.
  103. A.B.No. 1535 Committee on Business and Professions. Veterinary Medical Board: application and examination: discipline and citation.
  104. A.B.No. 1536 Committee on Business and Professions. Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians of the State of California: vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians.
  105. A.B.No. 1586 Committee on Governmental Organization. Alcoholic beverage control: on-sale general licenses: counties.
  106. A.B.No. 1587 Committee on Governmental Organization. California Horse Racing Board: public records: votes.
  107. A.B.No. 1588 Committee on Governmental Organization. Gambling Control Act: records: open to public inspection.
  108. A.B.No. 1589 Committee on Governmental Organization. Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions.
  109. A.B.No. 1561 Committee on Labor and Employment. Worker classification: employees and independent contractors: licensed manicurists: construction trucking services.