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Bill Author.Summary
  1. S.B.No. 2 Bradford.Peace officers: certification: civil rights.
  2. S.B.No. 6 Caballero.Local planning: housing: commercial zones.
  3. S.B.No. 9 Atkins.Housing development: approvals.
  4. S.B.No. 10 Wiener.Planning and zoning: housing development: density.
  5. S.B.No. 27 Skinner.Carbon sequestration: state goals: natural and working lands: registry of projects.
  6. S.B.No. 31 Cortese.Building decarbonization.
  7. S.B.No. 37 Cortese.Contaminated Site Cleanup and Safety Act.
  8. S.B.No. 39 Grove.Fraudulent claims: inmates. (Urgency)
  9. S.B.No. 42 Wieckowski.Department of Toxic Substances Control: Board of Environmental Safety.
  10. S.B.No. 53 Leyva.Unsolicited images.
  11. S.B.No. 66 Allen.California Council on the Future of Transportation: advisory committee: autonomous vehicle technology.
  12. S.B.No. 69 McGuire.North Coast Railroad Authority: right-of-way: Great Redwood Trail Agency: Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District.
  13. S.B.No. 227 Jones.Off-highway vehicles.
  14. S.B.No. 229 Dahle.Pupil health: mental health services: grants.
  15. S.B.No. 232 Nielsen.Employment Development Department: policies and practices.
  16. S.B.No. 235 Allen.Industrial hemp products. (Urgency)
  17. S.B.No. 241 Umberg.Civil actions.
  18. S.B.No. 244 Archuleta.Lithium-ion batteries: illegal disposal: fire prevention.
  19. S.B.No. 287 Grove.Vehicles: trailers.
  20. S.B.No. 306 Pan.Sexually transmitted disease: testing.
  21. S.B.No. 335 Cortese.Workers’ compensation: liability.
  22. S.B.No. 351 Caballero.Water Innovation Act of 2021.
  23. S.B.No. 354 Skinner.Foster youth: relative placement.
  24. S.B.No. 364 Skinner.Pupil meals: Free School Meals For All Act of 2021.
  25. S.B.No. 372 Leyva.Medium- and heavy-duty fleet purchasing assistance program: zero-emission vehicles.
  26. S.B.No. 379 Wiener.University of California: contracts: health facilities.
  27. S.B.No. 387 Portantino.Peace officers: certification, education, and recruitment.
  28. S.B.No. 390 Laird.Employment Development Department: comprehensive plan.
  29. S.B.No. 418 Laird.Sea level rise planning: database.
  30. S.B.No. 419 Stern.Oil and gas: regulation: skilled and trained workforce.
  31. S.B.No. 420 Umberg.Unemployment insurance: Unemployment Insurance Integrity Enforcement Act.
  32. S.B.No. 421 Bradford.Vehicles: driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  33. S.B.No. 437 Wieckowski.Local publicly owned electric utilities: integrated resource planning: transportation electrification.
  34. S.B.No. 451 Dodd.Beverage container recycling: pilot program. (Urgency)
  35. S.B.No. 452 Gonzalez.State government: Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Agency: Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.
  36. S.B.No. 456 Laird.Fire prevention: forest health: action plan: reports.
  37. S.B.No. 459 Allen.Political Reform Act of 1974: lobbying.
  38. S.B.No. 465 Eggman.Mental health.
  39. S.B.No. 470 Jones.Fishing and hunting: annual combined hunting and fishing licenses.
  40. S.B.No. 476 Min.California Financing Law: program administrators.
  41. S.B.No. 478 Wiener.Planning and Zoning Law: housing development projects.
  42. S.B.No. 481 Durazo.Sentencing: special circumstances.
  43. S.B.No. 483 Allen.Sentencing: resentencing to remove sentencing enhancements.
  44. S.B.No. 491 Nielsen.Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003.
  45. S.B.No. 496 Laird.Flood control: water development projects: Pajaro River.
  46. S.B.No. 497 Limón.Qualifying accounts for direct deposit of publically administered funds.
  47. S.B.No. 500 Min.Autonomous vehicles: zero emissions.
  48. S.B.No. 525 Grove.School closures: mental health effects. (Urgency)
  49. S.B.No. 528 Jones.Juveniles: health information summary: psychotropic medication.
  50. S.B.No. 535 Limón.Biomarker testing.
  51. S.B.No. 537 Rubio.Child welfare: domestic violence.
  52. S.B.No. 538 Rubio.Domestic violence and gun violence restraining orders.
  53. S.B.No. 546 Wilk.Communications: lifeline universal service. (Urgency)
  54. S.B.No. 550 Dahle.Legislature: employment.
  55. S.B.No. 552 Hertzberg.Drought planning: small water suppliers: nontransient noncommunity water systems.
  56. S.B.No. 559 Hurtado.Department of Water Resources: water conveyance systems: Canal Conveyance Capacity Restoration Fund.
  57. S.B.No. 562 Portantino.Health care coverage: pervasive developmental disorders or autism.
  58. S.B.No. 569 Umberg.Public contracts: judicial branch entities.
  59. S.B.No. 582 Stern.Climate Emergency Mitigation, Safe Restoration, and Just Resilience Act of 2021.
  60. S.B.No. 583 Newman.Elections: Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Program.
  61. S.B.No. 589 Hueso.Air pollution: alternative vehicles and vehicle infrastructure.
  62. S.B.No. 592 Dahle.Fish and wildlife: working group: catastrophic wildfires: reports.
  63. S.B.No. 605 Eggman.Medical Device Right to Repair Act.
  64. S.B.No. 658 Grove.Property tax: exemptions: disabled veterans. (Tax Levy)
  65. S.B.No. 664 Allen.Hospice licensure: moratorium on new licenses.
  66. S.B.No. 670 Caballero.Form preparers: immigration.
  67. S.B.No. 674 Durazo.Public Contracts: workforce development: transportation-related contracts.
  68. S.B.No. 689 Hertzberg.Records: blockchain.
  69. S.B.No. 702 Limón.Gubernatorial appointments: report.
  70. S.B.No. 705 Hueso.Workforce development: Binational Education and Workforce Opportunities Act.
  71. S.B.No. 726 Gonzalez.Alternative fuel and vehicle technologies: Sustainable Transportation Strategy.
  72. S.B.No. 727 Leyva.Labor-related liabilities: direct contractor.
  73. S.B.No. 728 Hertzberg.Density Bonus Law: purchase of density bonus units by nonprofit housing organizations.
  74. S.B.No. 739 Cortese.California Universal Basic Income for Transition Age Youth pilot project.
  75. S.B.No. 743 Bradford.Housing developments: broadband adoption: grant program.
  76. S.B.No. 744 Glazer.Communicable diseases: respiratory disease information.
  77. S.B.No. 752 Allen.Elections: disclosure of contributors.
  78. S.B.No. 755 Roth.Workforce development: training-related job placement: reporting.
  79. S.B.No. 777 Bradford.Insurance taxation: credit: California Jumpstart Act.
  80. S.B.No. 790 Stern.Wildlife connectivity mitigation credits.
  81. S.B.No. 804 Glazer.California Conservation Corps: forestry training center: formerly incarcerated individuals: reporting.
  82. S.B.No. 805 Rubio.Small nonprofit performing arts organizations: payroll and paymaster services grants: employment grants.
  83. S.B.No. 820 Committee on Governmental Organization.Horse racing: state-designated fairs: allocation of revenues: gross receipts for sales and use tax.