For the sake of the children, the trees, and the bees

A poem by Ron Buckley

Once upon a time in a faraway city,
Their telecom ordinance was old, what a pity

Their attorney said I’ll call my friend,
He knows about telecoms from end to end.

Now his friend smiled with dollar signs dancing in his head,
He saw opportunity to feather his bed.

You see he works for the telecoms too,
No conflict of interest, that’s what lawyers do.

He delivers a draft with the teeth of a garden snake,
Reflecting its author, oh my goodness’ sake!

The citizens rumble and raise such a clatter,
The council looks blank, wondering what’s the matter?

In the meantime, Crown Castle puts up towers like mad,
“Essential services” they say, and there is money to be had.

This tale is not over, but for the sake of the children, the trees, and the bees,
Somebody do something soon, oh please… oh please… oh please!

Oct, 2020 — Jonathon Kramer from Telecom Law Firm, PC Speaking at Webinar re: Small Cell Deployments: The Critical Factors Involved in Achieving Swift Approval

Apr 27, 2021 — Wire California Strategy Discussion<

The evidence here (https://www.unsafeatanyg.com/petaluma/tlf/) and in the public record shows Telecom Law Firm admits they are not objective: TLF’s founder Jonathon Kramer said the following in a Youtube Webinar in October 2020 (see video above).

Jonathon Kramer, Esq., PhD:

“I consider ourselves part of the Wireless Industry . . . Don’t use the term, radiation— it’s technically, absolutely, the most accurate word and it scares the ‘bejesus’ out of people . . . please stop using the R-word. The R-word is the F-word to us because it just makes our job in trying to get small cells approved much more difficult because that’s the trigger word . . . use any other word, emissions, transmissions, any missions you want, but don’t use the R-Word.”