CA’s 2021 Triple Threat 6-7-8 — Three Wireless Telecom Bills that Destroy Local Control over Wireless Infrastructure: SB.556, AB.537 & SB.378.

6. SB.556: the “Destroy Local Control & Child Endangerment” Wireless Bill

7. AB.537: the “Deemed Approved, Deemed Permit-Issued” Wireless Bill

8. SB.378: the “Cheap Micro-Trenching & No Public Access to Fiber” Bill

Other 2021 CA Broadband Bills . . .

Please complete some reading/analysis of the following bills and submit your work here. Thank you.

  1. AB-955 ~ the “Encroachment Permit 60-Day Shot Clock” Bill
  2. SB-4 (Gonzalez) ~ Communications: California Advanced Services Fund: deaf and disabled telecommunications program: surcharges
  3. SB-22 (Glazer) ~ Education finance: school facilities: Public Preschool, K–12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2022
  4. SB-28 (Caballero) ~ Rural Broadband and Digital Infrastructure Video Competition Reform Act of 2021
  5. SB-371 (Caballero) ~ Health information technology
  6. SB-429 (Bradford) ~ Public utilities: women, minority, disabled veteran, and LGBT business enterprises: microgrids
  7. SB-696 (Allen) ~ Enhanced infrastructure financing districts: public financing authority: membership and powers
  8. SB-732 (Bates) ~ Communications: broadband
  9. SB-740 (Borgeas) ~ Communications: California Advanced Services Fund
  10. SB-743 (Bradford) ~ Housing developments: broadband adoption: grant program
  11. AB-14 (Aguiar-Curry) ~ Communications: broadband services: California Advanced Services Fund
  12. AB-34 (Muratsuchi) ~ Broadband for All Act of 2022
  13. AB-41 (Wood) ~ Broadband infrastructure deployment
  14. AB-75 (O’Donnell) ~ Education finance: school facilities: Kindergarten-Community Colleges Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2022
  15. AB-464 (Mullin) ~ Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts: allowable facilities and projects
  16. AB-537 (Quirk) ~ Communications: wireless telecommunications and broadband facilities
  17. AB-762 (Lee) ~ Hazardous emissions and substances: schoolsites: private and charter schools
  18. AB-1060 (Rodriguez) ~ Governor’s Office of Emergency Services: California Alert
  19. AB-1128 (Ramos) ~ Communications: California High-Cost Fund-B Administrative Committee Fund program
  20. AB-1166 (Grayson) ~ Communications: wireless telecommunications facilities
  21. AB-1176 (Eduardo Garcia) ~ Communications: universal broadband service: California Connect Fund
  22. AB-1349 (Mathis) ~ California Advanced Services Fund: Broadband Adoption Account
  23. AB-1425 (Gipson) ~ California Advanced Services Fund: Broadband Public Housing Account
  24. AB-1426 (Mathis) ~ California Advanced Services Fund
  25. AB-1483 (Patterson) ~ California Broadband Council: duties
  26. AB-1500 (Eduardo Garcia & Mullin) ~ Safe Drinking Water, Wildfire Prevention, Drought Preparation, Flood Protection, Extreme Heat Mitigation, and Workforce Development Bond Act of 2022
  27. AB-1557 (Santiago) ~ Communications: utility pole attachments
  28. AB-1560 (Daly) ~ Distance learning: pupil access: computing devices and broadband internet service