Governor Brown, Listen to Scientists and Veto SB.649

The National Toxicology Program conducted a seminal $25 million 16-year study on rats and mice on health hazards from wireless, pulsed, data-modulated radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF/MW radiation). The NTP released a report on important study findings on May 27, 2016. The report is available at

Most importantly, the complete results from all the rat and mice studies will be available for peer review and public comment by early 2018. PLEASE HALT all consideration of SB.649 or similar CA legislation, until the NTP releases its findings next year, so the CA Legislators can complete the due diligence on RF/MW radiation exposures before passing legislation which increases RF/MW radiation exposures millions of times where Californians live, work and play.

The Obvious and Common Sense Solution: Fiber-Optic to Every Home and Business

Fiber-optic cables to every home and business is the obvious answer for California: faster speeds (1,000 megabit-per-second) with much higher security and reliablility compared to wireless and without of the many RF/MW radiation hazards from wireless downloads of large data payloads, such as 4k videos — the very goal of the fixed wireless 5G tests at 28GHz (Verizon) and 37 GHz (AT&T). Any Governor who wants to establish a legacy of facing the challenges of climate change with forward-looking legislation, must recognize that moving data from any Point A to any Point B is thousands of times more energy-efficient via fiber-optic cables than via wireless — the latter sprays electrical energy into the air to deliver huge data payloads repeatedly and redundantly because the receiving antennas are only able to catch a small fraction of the RF/MW radiation sprayed into the air — the rest is toxic waste.

Many Scientists Have Written About How Hazards of SB.649 are Not Worth the Benefits

Key Findings from the May 27, 2016 report from a paper presented at annual meeting of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society, Raleigh, North Carolina, September 9-13, 2017:

May 19, 1999 — William T. Allaban, Ph.D., FDA Liaison to the NTP:

“On behalf of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I am nominating the following chemicals/agents to the National Toxicological Program: 1) Centerfor Device and Radiological Health (CDRH) – Radio Frequency Radiation Emissions of Wireless Communication Devices with a high priority;

  • These are the largest, most complex toxicology studies ever conducted by the National Toxicological Program.
  • For the studies, rats and mice were exposed to frequencies and modulations currently used in cellular communications in the United States. The rodents were exposed for 10-minute on, 10-minute off increments, totaling just over 9 hours a day from before birth through 2 years of age.
  • NTP found brain tumors (glioblastoms) and heart tumors (schwannomas), DNA damage and pre-tumors (hyperlplasias) in test rats, but not in control rats,
  • NTP has provided these findings to its federal regulatory partners to enable them to have the latest information for public health guidance about safe ways to use cellular telephones and other radiofrequency radiation emitting devices.