The Truth About 4G/5G in Sacramento

From the first 4G/5G Neighborhood in California: The Greenhaven/Pocket Area of Sacramento . . .

Hello all.

I have been fighting the 5G roll out here in Sacramento since March, shortly after my family began experiencing health problems that we attribute to the Verizon cell antenna that was installed about 60 feet from our home as part of the 4G/5G testing here in the Pocket area. The antenna was installed on top of a light pole, at roughly the same height as our second story. The antenna has a 360 degree radiation pattern and is emitting directly into my young nieces’ bedroom. We hired certified Building Biologist Eric Windheim to take measurements in and around our home. The 4G readings inside my nieces’ bedroom were some of the highest he had ever measured indoors, 460,000 microwatts per square meter; significantly higher than typical cell antenna exposure. It is no surprise to me now that my nieces (and other family members) started experiencing health problems (headaches, nosebleeds, inability to sleep, flu symptoms — all well-documented symptoms of microwave radiation sickness) soon after the antenna was installed and powered on. Eric helped us to install shielding in the home and suggested we move the children into a back room away from the antenna. About a week after taking these steps, their symptoms went away and have not returned.

For months our family has been fighting to have the antenna removed and urging our city to take a more cautious approach to the 4G/5G small cell roll out. Up until very recently we have had very little success. However, that might be turning around. We have banded together with other Sacramento residents opposed to unchecked small cell placement and have put enough pressure on the city council that they held a 5G safety discussion at last week’s city council meeting. The city hired well known industry mouth piece Jerrold Bushberg to try to convince the public that these antennas would be safe. His presentation was less than convincing, simply citing FCC safety limits and telling us that our exposure was well under those limits. It is the same tired industry playbook and we were ready for it. About 15 speakers opposing 5G dismantled Bushberg’s claims and cited our own studies and expert opinion. A video of the meeting can be seen here: A local publication released an article today covering the meeting.

The meeting concluded with two council members directing city staff to look into passing a zoning ordinance to restrict placement of the cell antennas similar to ordinances passed by other cities. This could be just for show, but it could also be a tipping point in which members of the council are realizing their decision to make Sacramento residents 5G guinea pigs could have serious repercussions.

Noah D