LA County Firefighters Address LA County Supervisors About Clear Evidence of Public Safety Harms from Cell Towers

Adapted from a CBS-LA article here.

Note: RF-EMR = pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation.

LOS ANGELES ( — L.A. County firefighters presented evidence that cellphone towers dangerously close to their fire stations, are harming their workers.

Many firefighters turned out to an L.A. Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday to oppose an emergency communications effort that will improve public safety. They say their safety and the safety of the public must be addressed.

David Gillotte, union president of Firefighters Local 1014 said:

“The proximity of the towers and people living next to the towers is of grave danger. It’s a very complex issue how such pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation affects people, all the way up to three miles away. There are public safety issues that need to be discussed openly with the public.”

Crews at the Commerce fire station have dinner right under a tower recently placed in the area. L.A. County Fire Capt. Lewis Currier tells CBS2/KCAL9 they worry about the exposure:

“We have ten times the cancer rate of a lot of cancers, and leukemia, than the general population. We don’t need more RF-EMR exposure.”

Agoura Hills resident Mollie Helfand came to Tuesday’s meeting with her neighbors. She told CBS2/KCAL9’s Amber Lee that LA-RICS, the agency tasked with installing the new towers, one night put up an 85-foot tower next to the fire station across from her home. She says her community didn’t have the opportunity to weigh in on the tower’s placement and now she’s demanding answers

“It is very disturbing. We oppose LA-RICS actions of putting these over-powered cell towers up without any consideration for public safety or the impact on residential neighborhoods.”

The LA County Board of supervisors decided to stop construction of cell towers at fire stations and they criticized the LA County planners. Mike Antovich, LA County Board of Supervisor said from the daïs:

“This is stupid. How we got this far is irresponsible.”

During the meeting, the L.A. County Sheriff and Fire Chief stressed these towers are being installed to improve public safety in the event of a natural disaster, yet, the radiation from the over-powered cell towers, poses more public safety harms than benefits.

Health officials at the local, state and federal level have repeatedly said that there is clear scientific evidence that shows the radiation emitted from these cell phone cause cancer and many other public safety harms.